Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Details of the Handsome Skates Collab

Evening! Old friend and Handsome Skateboards mastermind Eric Eley sent me a couple of pics of our collaboration deck, so I figured I'd put them up. I visited his studio in Fort Worth last month and was suitably blown away by the decks he's cooking up. We even rode a couple and they took me back to my chain wallet and baggy pants days. Anyway - - more to come from him and from me. I just got a new deck to work on in the mail today. -THOMAS

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Collabo with Handsome Skates

Been a while. Apologies to the faithful few. My soul brother Eric Eley has been making the illest custom skate decks down in hot as Hades Dallas, and he was charitable enough to shoot one my way for an old-school Marvel team up. I drew a skull because fuck...that's thrash, no? He's going to photograph it more evocatively on the lates, but here's a taste. Definitely check out his site over at Handsome Skateboards, and obviously if you enjoy art in any respect prepare to have your mind blown by his main site as well. Round of applause for Eric, y'all.