Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tom in TONY

In a move guaranteed to swell my head beyond Barry Bonds proportions, Time Out New York has
Failed miserably.
Gone stark raving mad.
And named me a "stylish New Yorker" in this week's issue.

If you're interested in windbaggery and grotesque narcissism heretofore unseen since, well, the days of Narcissus himself, then by all means gaze at my bad self.

Enjoy, and remember that I only dress well to conceal rampant self-doubt and hideously withered limbs.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FEEDING GROUND #003!!! Available 1/19

Good evening, assembly

After months of tingling with anticipation, I finally have the pleasure of announcing that Archaia Comics is shipping the third issue of FEEDING GROUND on Wednesday 1/19. This is of special interest to me (and by extension to YOU, my cult!) because it features a pin-up in the back by your everloving narrator himself. Ace interior artist Michael Lapinski alone would have made it worth the purchase, but my humble painting perhaps enhances your salivation, no?

SO! Seek it out at your local comic book peddler. Ask...nay...DEMAND that your store carry it if they do not. It's cracking entertainment! And it features my first non-self-published work.

Yours, as always,