Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm BORN UGLY too!

Hello cannibals! I recently had the privilege to contribute art to the totally awesome Richmond, Virginia-based skate zine BORN UGLY. Friend-of-MAMMAL Jim “Barf” Callahan was kind enough to include one of my “Boring Meeting Drawings” in issue #4. You can order it from them or read it in convenient pdf format at their site. It’s really pretty excellent and will make you want to take out the board you haven’t used since all of your high school buddies got driver’s licenses. Take a look when you have a chance, and make sure you take a look at some of Jim’s illustration and comics work. The dude is keeping the torch lit for ultra-sick graphics!

Other mentionables: I'm totally obsessed with "end of the decade" lists. LOVE that they're all coming out now. I read pitchfork's and I was like, "Why haven't I listened to Spoon in years? Spoon is good!" Lists like that are kind of awesome for reminding you of shit that just kind of got back-burnered.

Along similar lines, I love that Converge's AXE TO FALL is showing up on end-of-the-year lists, including the Onion's. Anyone who knows me knows that Converge is pretty much my favorite band and I feel like they make the most exciting music in the world, but it's undeniably aggro, so I dig that not everyone gets into it. It's heartening to see (sort-of) mainstream (meaning not metal/hardcore ghetto) press praising them (The Onion even interviewed frontman Jake Bannon). They make me feel like I'm killing dragons in a viking helmet while surrounded by white-hot flames when I listen to them. It's powerful.



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Slowly but Surely...

Evening, fanged fiends - - The big news here is that I finally updated my main website. And word? It was shockingly easy. My man Kris "Johnny Brazil" Locascio engineered that shit with precision so that I could update it with ease, and yet I still didn't do so for a year. What a loser. My apologies, world. Regardless, it's up to date now, with some more design stuff coming once I figure out what else from my clock-punching gig at HARPER COLLINS is worth putting in. Give it a look when you can. Your patronage will be appreciated.

Other mentionables:

1) I'm weirdly loving the new JEMINA PEARL solo album. I think I'm not supposed to or something, like, I'm supposed to be all, "that's not punk!" But it's entirely enjoyable tough-girl pop that's kind of 80s, kind of girl-group-y, etc. Like Blondie and Joan Jett playing with Phil Spector producing (though presumably not murdering anyone). I might love her a little bit. Enjoy

2) Ummmm...anyone else see the lady Oprah was talking to who had her face ripped off by a chimpanzee? It was...unpleasant. I was on the treadmill at NewsCorp gym and actually moved to a closer one to see what the fuck was happening. Maybe that's why MJ had a prosthetic nose? 'Cause Bubbles done ripped the real one off? I dunno - - but let's just all agree it's an epic terrible idea to keep a chimp as a pet. They're strong. I'm not even gonna post a link. Go google that shit if you dare.

3) Scored about ten Lawrence Block MATTHEW SCUDDER mysteries in the basement at work. I read the first one, SINS OF THE FATHERS, and it's a little shocking to see how bleak Scudder's circumstances were when he was created. In the throes of alcoholism...bating muggers so he can vigilantize them (and break their fingers...some old testament shit!) Talking about how he would have killed himself long ago if he didn't believe it was a sin. Props to Block for sticking with a character long enough for us to watch him grow. Scudder's cuddly these days!

That's all for now. Everyone keep it real.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Good evening, bloodthirsty masses!

I just completed the cover art for the latest issue of my mag, MAMMAL. This third issue is all about FEAR, so I went with a 70s euro-horror comic/movie poster look. A little more raw than I usually work, with some underpainting and underdrawing poking through. I'm pretty happy with it, and hope that it properly titillates people into buying MAMMAL. I'll be displaying it at the KING CON in Brooklyn the weekend of November 7th, so if you're in the area drop on by!

I'll update again once I work out the logo for the cover, but for now enjoy the raw finished art.



Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Greetings, desperate youth!

I recently had the opportunity to do a magazine ad/poster for ODYSSEY BMX. It was a long project, as I had to cram 12 riders into the composition, but it was a ton of fun to paint. The poster finally went live over the weekend at a trade show in Vegas, and my esteemed colleague Jim Bauer, Odyssey's art director, has given me clearance to break this poster bigger. Apparently he and his crew brought 500 posters, and they all went! Not sure when it becomes an ad, but I'll update this when it does. Enjoy!!!


Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hello friends. MAMMAL MAGAZINE 003 is still being worked on. Yes, I know we lads are slacking a bit, but everyone got kind of busy and the book's juts gonna get done when it's good and ready. One of the things I'm most excited about is the Cover, which it's my turn to paint. This is the finished drawing I'm going to slather in acrylic very soon. I want it to look like a 70s horror comic, and I think I'm on my way there. Anyway - you'll see it finished in a few weeks, I'm hoping. The Creative Process! Yes!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hello it's me...

Time goes by in a sickening instant. I had NO IDEA how long it had been since I last posted, but I aim to be less laggard in the future. So - what have I been up to? Well - - mostly working on a new painting for Odyssey BMX bikes that I can't show just yet, and also doing my stuff for the next issue of MAMMAL. I'll post a preview of that work soon. For now, however, here's a sampling of my "Boring Meeting Drawings," an ongoing "project" basically aimed at helping me keep my sanity during ungodly dull meetings at work. "But Tom! Aren't you supposed to be paying attention?" The answer is a resounding, "NO!" They don't need me, so why am I there? There's no good reason. So I draw instead. results can be found on this Flickr link, and will be uploaded to my main website sometime soon. Enjoy.



P.S. Three of these sketches were recently displayed at Giant Robot Gallery in their PANELISTS V show. No one bought them, but they looked good on the wall!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

My old College chum Samantha Hahn does a lovely little blog called Maquette , where she blogs about her work and illustration in general, among other things. She's currently knee deep in a "male artist series," and bewilderingly chose to cover me. You can see the entry here.

Please make sure to take a look around while you're at it and give Sam's stuff the look see it deserves!

Thanks Sam!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

DORM STALKER for Smith Magazine

I was recently invited by award-winning comic artist Dean Haspiel (THE ALCOHOLIC) to contribute art for a 6-page story as part of Smith Magazine’s NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR series of web comics. It’s a creepy little story by Anthony Lappe about obsession. It went live today, and I’m fairly pleased with the results. Comics are tricky business, and Dean was immensely helpful in squeezing the maximum out of my minimal talents. See the whole thing here.