Friday, November 16, 2007

New Work for ESQUIRE, etc.

So - the purpose of this blog is to make it unecessary for me to constantly update my website (, and as a result, I'm going to be posting quick little blurbs about my tremendous and Earth-shaking accomplishments as they occur. The most recent triumph is some graphic identity work for the forthcoming ESQUIRE.COM drinks database. Given that I have not tasted alcohol in almost three years, this assignment rings with irony. My fine friend Eric Gillin is doing great work on ESQUIRE.COM, so please give the site a look. Not sure when the drinks database launches, but it should be soon.

i also did an illustration for them recently for a (really pretty good) Tom Junod short story, "My Three Lunches With Alberto Gonzalez". Check it out below. I was pleased with the results...

Please stop by again, and remember to wash your hands frequently.


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