Friday, November 16, 2007

MAMMAL Hits Like an Asteroid!

MAMMAL Magazine is a collaborative effort involving me and some Barneys I schooled with. MAMMAL?! MAN?! Amazing.

It's available now. Dig. It's got a website: Go there and experience wonder. Stocking stuffers? It's the perfect size for your literate loved one. Do it. I've got six pages in there, but there's less fat on it than a marathon runner, so look at the whole thing.

We hosted a shindig for it at Brooklyn's outstanding ROCKETSHIP COMICS. Pics here.

I'm the fella with the mortuary style.

You can pick it up on the website and at fine NYC retailers such as Saint Mark's Comics, Rocketship Comics, and Cosmic Comics.

New Work for ESQUIRE, etc.

So - the purpose of this blog is to make it unecessary for me to constantly update my website (, and as a result, I'm going to be posting quick little blurbs about my tremendous and Earth-shaking accomplishments as they occur. The most recent triumph is some graphic identity work for the forthcoming ESQUIRE.COM drinks database. Given that I have not tasted alcohol in almost three years, this assignment rings with irony. My fine friend Eric Gillin is doing great work on ESQUIRE.COM, so please give the site a look. Not sure when the drinks database launches, but it should be soon.

i also did an illustration for them recently for a (really pretty good) Tom Junod short story, "My Three Lunches With Alberto Gonzalez". Check it out below. I was pleased with the results...

Please stop by again, and remember to wash your hands frequently.