Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Details of the Handsome Skates Collab

Evening! Old friend and Handsome Skateboards mastermind Eric Eley sent me a couple of pics of our collaboration deck, so I figured I'd put them up. I visited his studio in Fort Worth last month and was suitably blown away by the decks he's cooking up. We even rode a couple and they took me back to my chain wallet and baggy pants days. Anyway - - more to come from him and from me. I just got a new deck to work on in the mail today. -THOMAS

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Collabo with Handsome Skates

Been a while. Apologies to the faithful few. My soul brother Eric Eley has been making the illest custom skate decks down in hot as Hades Dallas, and he was charitable enough to shoot one my way for an old-school Marvel team up. I drew a skull because fuck...that's thrash, no? He's going to photograph it more evocatively on the lates, but here's a taste. Definitely check out his site over at Handsome Skateboards, and obviously if you enjoy art in any respect prepare to have your mind blown by his main site as well. Round of applause for Eric, y'all.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tom in TONY

In a move guaranteed to swell my head beyond Barry Bonds proportions, Time Out New York has
Failed miserably.
Gone stark raving mad.
And named me a "stylish New Yorker" in this week's issue.

If you're interested in windbaggery and grotesque narcissism heretofore unseen since, well, the days of Narcissus himself, then by all means gaze at my bad self.

Enjoy, and remember that I only dress well to conceal rampant self-doubt and hideously withered limbs.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FEEDING GROUND #003!!! Available 1/19

Good evening, assembly

After months of tingling with anticipation, I finally have the pleasure of announcing that Archaia Comics is shipping the third issue of FEEDING GROUND on Wednesday 1/19. This is of special interest to me (and by extension to YOU, my cult!) because it features a pin-up in the back by your everloving narrator himself. Ace interior artist Michael Lapinski alone would have made it worth the purchase, but my humble painting perhaps enhances your salivation, no?

SO! Seek it out at your local comic book peddler. Ask...nay...DEMAND that your store carry it if they do not. It's cracking entertainment! And it features my first non-self-published work.

Yours, as always,


Monday, November 8, 2010


Good evening, my electronic evesdroppers,

As many of you know, I'm one of a crack team of zine-weaving commandos who make the intolerably slick, glossy, and borderline-affront-to nature MAMMAL MAGAZINE. Our third issue recently exploded from the gates of publication, I suspect in spite of, rather than because of, our collective efforts. She needed to be born. Whether we successfully midwived her or not, she was arriving, even in the form of an informational pollen that settles on the brain-stem like a dusting of powdered sugar on the most sizzling, pillowy donut in terrestrial existence.

Regardless of the nature of the bound and printed beast, it's here, and readily available to any fool enough to seek out it's fevered wisdom. It can be acquired with only moderate hoop-jumping at the MAMMAL STORE. Additionally, like a cracked and splintered old mule, I've begun carting my arcana from unsuspecting retail outlet to retail outlet, and should one approach BERGEN ST. COMICS, COSMIC COMICS, or SPOONBILL AND SUGARTOWN BOOKS, easily enough would one find MAMMAL, waiting spread-eagle and inviting, its corrupting charms naked as original sin. Purchase it not as a favor to me, a desperate and near-depleted man, but for your own edification.

As always, this blog and its addled caretaker appreciate your concern,


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Aaron Ross bike frame for Odyssey BMX!!!!

Evening, fiends!
My pal Jim Bauer, creative director for the amazing ODYSSEY BMX, recently gave me a gig designing decals for one of their bike frames. The bike was set up to be an homage to the legendary monster truck GRAVEDIGGER, requiring me to draw all sorts of sick and horrific shit. Well they debuted all of their new bikes at INTERBIKE 2010, and the end result of my work is now on sale. Jim absolutely killed it when he put color to my designs. Please check out Odyssey's site, and their bike frames division, Sunday (where you can purchase said vehicle.)

Ride or Die,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Evening, changelings. My pal Michael Lapinski recently started working on a deeply cool Mexican border drama/werewolf horror comic, FEEDING GROUND, at Archaia Comics. It's a totally awesome book, Michael's art is sterling, and he was charitable enough to allow me to contribute to the book's 3rd issue. My piece, pictured here, is your standard werewolf on the Mexican border menacing a pretty Mexican lady (played by my not Mexican at all girlfriend, Erica). Michael's first issue is on sale 10/13, and I assume he'll have some stuff going on with it at the New York Comic Con this weekend 10/8-10/10. Come find him (I'll be there, too, at the MAMMAL booth...)